• Scientific excellence

    Venter Pharma is a biotech company created in 2003. It arises on the bases of some research work carried out by PhD. Juan José Aragón Reyes and Alfonso Fernández Mayoralas in the Autonomous University of Madrid and Spanish National Research Council respectively.

  • Experts from the field of gastroenterology

    Venter Pharma focuses on the study of solutions for digestive pathologies, with especial attention to high population prevalence disorders such as lactose intolerance or inflammatory illnesses.

  • Innovation and Development

    Venter Pharma researches new tools and products which contributes to improve the function of physicians and thereby patients quality of life.

  • Efficient diagnostic solutions

    Venter Pharma develops innovative products to make a clinical diagnosis easier, simpler and more effective. LacTEST®, is a new diagnosic drug for the diagnosis of lactose intolerance based on a new active substance: Gaxilose


Venter Pharma has three potential investors. All of them has a huge experience with biomedical companies:

Other financing

The project Venter Pharma has enjoyed financial boost from: