Lactose intolerance

Population incidence worldwide
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World 0%
Western Countries 0%
North America & Canada 0%
Spain 0%

More data regarding population incidence

  • Lactase deficiency

    It is estimated that around 38% of western population and 65%  of world population have lactase deficiency.


  • Hypolactasia

    The lowest prevalence zone in Europe is Northeast around North Sea and Southwest of Baltic Sea. The highest prevalence is in the south zone of Europe and the East of Russia.

  • Ethnic groups

    Lactose intolerance incidence has geographic distribution and it depends directly on the ethnic group the individual belongs to. The intolerance is very common in people of color, Asiatic and American native population (about 75%).

  • Hypolactasia in Spain

    According to Spain it is estimated that the prevalence in adults is 23% of population.